Monday, December 14, 2009

Someone needs to find their edit button!

okay, I'll be the first to admit that my personal feelings for this person are probably hugely responsible for my reaction.

That said someone I know recently posted in a public forum way too much personal information. She let it sit for a while and then went back later embarrassed and deleted her post and all comments that had been made referring to the TMI.

Normal members of this forum don't have the ability to do this. A normal member would have only been able to delete their own post. Moderators & Administrators have this ability.

A former moderator had some of her comments deleted. And she made a stink about the deletion (she has some sort of compulsion to have the most comments on the board).

I'm not so concerned with the former moderator (I'm not a fan of her either) but I do think that miss lack of edit button(mleb) should have received more than the pat on the back and the "that's okay, but don't do it again" that she got. I really feel that to do the job that (mleb) has she doesn't really need to have moderator status and I think she has proven more than once she doesn't have the self control that a moderator needs.


  1. I thought this blog was anonymous so you could write without talking us in circles? :)

  2. You should come to Festivus. I get the feeling you'd have a whole bunch of grievances!