Saturday, December 19, 2009

Church saga continues...

I received an email from the gal who schedules the counters at my Church. She wanted to know when we would be able to count for the new schedule starting Jan 1. She said she knew that it would be difficult for some of us because of the situation and some leaving and all.

I wrote back that I would be unable to continue to count after Jan 1st. I figured that would be a good clean break time. But I could and intended to keep up with the dates that I was already scheduled for.

She emailed back that I didn't need to come on my last scheduled date so I wouldn't have to feel uncomfortable.

Hummm? I don't see why I should feel uncomfortable about it. I don't hold any grudges against these people. Sigh! Oh well.

Then I get an email from the confirmation coordinator asking if my child would continue. There I just said yes, cuz we intend to keep her there until we find something else and I don't want her tossed out. At least that she can't be tossed out of...they'll confirm non-members.

Our intention was to stay at our Church until our pastor leaves. I found out tonight that council has asked him to leave on Jan 3rd. Surprisingly that is the date we have scheduled to meet and get things going for our new Church.

It seems that either our old Church wants us out of there, or God wants us to get going on the new Church. I'm gonna have to believe that it's God!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Someone needs to find their edit button!

okay, I'll be the first to admit that my personal feelings for this person are probably hugely responsible for my reaction.

That said someone I know recently posted in a public forum way too much personal information. She let it sit for a while and then went back later embarrassed and deleted her post and all comments that had been made referring to the TMI.

Normal members of this forum don't have the ability to do this. A normal member would have only been able to delete their own post. Moderators & Administrators have this ability.

A former moderator had some of her comments deleted. And she made a stink about the deletion (she has some sort of compulsion to have the most comments on the board).

I'm not so concerned with the former moderator (I'm not a fan of her either) but I do think that miss lack of edit button(mleb) should have received more than the pat on the back and the "that's okay, but don't do it again" that she got. I really feel that to do the job that (mleb) has she doesn't really need to have moderator status and I think she has proven more than once she doesn't have the self control that a moderator needs.

Church voted...

to do nothing!

We were asked to vote if we wanted to leave the synod or not. They voted no.

We were then asked if:

1) we were happy with the synod and wanted to tell them so.

2) we were unhappy with the synod and wanted to tell them so.

3) we were neither happy or unhappy and wanted to tell the synod so.

They voted for #3!

So we are pretty much exactly where we were before, only now that we've voted we loose one of our Pastors.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not what I believe update

We learned yesterday what the opinions of our two pastors are on the synod's resolution.

One pastor is for and the other is against the resolution.

Let the games begin!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Not what I believe

When looking for what Church you are going to attend, you depend upon the Church's statement of belief. You want to go to a Church that believes what you believe. For us that used to be pretty easy. There was an entire synod (or group of Churches) that believed what we believed.

However, over the past few years our synod has changed. They have passed resolutions that not only aren't what I believe, they quite frankly don't seem to believe what the Bible says is true.

Some of these resolutions don't really seem to have much to do with how I worship and I'm a bit confused as to why the synod felt it was important to make such a resolution on the topic at all. But one very important resolution does affect how I worship.

Based on a very small poll of our Church members it was decided that our Church should do nothing regarding this resolution. Needless to say, my husband and I are quite upset about this, so much so that we won't be allowing our offering to go to the Church synod any longer. So much so that we may be looking for another option for our worship.

I learned that there is another meeting going on right now at our Church asking for the opinions of our Pastors. I'm pretty certain that at least one of our Pastors feels the same as we do and hope that his influence will help with the Church's council. Unfortunately I won't find out until tomorrow if I'm correct in my assumption and how the Church's council felt about it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

this seems to be becoming a habbit!

today at Girl Scouts one of the parents was talking about the service project that she has decided that the girls should do and berating me pretty much because our troop hasn't done any service projects...
However, we have. We just made butterflies for the Holocaust Project. We have donated food to the food Pantry for Thanksgiving Baskets. We have done Operation Christmas Child, Birthday Boxes for kids in foster care, and every year we send girl scout cookies to the soldiers.

I think she was more annoyed that the troop hasn't done any of the projects that she wanted to do. I really don't care.

She's probably also annoyed that I'm pretty vocal in my disapproval of her kids' behavior (a direct result of her very poor parenting skills!)

I'm very annoyed by her kids' behavior and by her continuing to bring very messy things for the kids to do to the meetings. Of course most of the mess is made by her children. One meeting she decided the kids should make bird feeders and brought bird seed to fill them. the little ball kind of bird seed. ugh! as she was vacuuming up the mess her daughter starts spinning with her feeder and more bird seed goes everywhere. She tells the kid to pick up the bird seed, which the kid does for all of maybe 3 seeds and then they leave. I get to vacuume up the rest.

Today for her food from another country she brough corn chips & salsa...that her kids dumped off their plates on the floor...and oh they had to leave early so guess who got to vacuume that mess!

I realize that not everyone can be as perfect as me...and I know I'm not perfect. but can they just all stay away from me?

We had similar issues with this family when the troop went camping this summer. Not that there were messes that they didn't clean up, but just differences of opinion. I was talking with my mom about how I didn't bother to get camping training so our troop can't use any of the Girl Scout camps. I told my mom how I liked that I wasn't in charge of all the girls myself. However, I got to thinking that it might not be a bad idea. LOL! however the problem with that is that due to safety issues I would need another parent or two to come with us and alas this mom would be there. ugh!

So next troop camping trip.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spending money you say you don't have???

and other rants...

There's this person I know who supposedly doesn't have enough money to make her budget. When negotiating to rent a house from another friend she said she couldn't afford to pay the mortgage payments on the house. She once asked my advice about her offering at Church...if she should stop giving to the church so she could afford to buy a new car. blah blah blah

I say this because she recently announced that her husband just bought a 60 inch HD flatscreen TV!!! They subscribe to the best cable package, and also recently upgraded their cell phones to iphones!

I THOUGHT you said you didn't have any money!

I'm so very sorry, but this is exactly why our country is in the mess that it's in. Folks like you spending money you don't have going into 5 digit debt so you can have a bunch of stuff you don't need. ugh!

in other ranting news...

A friend of mine recently had a visit from her SIL & family. The SIL lives in Arizona and when told to bring coats so they could go to the mountains to play in the snow...they brought fleece jackets at best. So when making plans to go play in the snow, Friend asked all of us if we could loan them more appropriate snow gear. Friend said that they would return the snow gear either the following night or the day after. Borrowed on Sunday evening, trip on should get gear back by Tuesday.

I loaned out our current coats, ski pants & boots because the sizes were the ones they needed and I was told the coats would be returned quickly.

Unfortunately things hit a HUGE snag when Monday night it turned out that some of the kids were violently ill...seems that stomach bug they had in the house last week hadn't quite worked all it's damage. Friend said the coats would now be returned after they were all laundered.

When I loaned out the coats, I told friend that I would be near her home on Tuesday and could pick them up then. So on Tuesday I called, knowing that the coats were probably NOT ready for pick up due to the Monday night snag. HOWEVER, friend reported that they were in the process of washing the blankets the kids got sick on first and that the blankets needed to be washed one at a time. Okay, that is fine.

but then I see on Friend's facebook that on Wednesday the entire clan when out somewhere. "Umm hello? who is at home washing my coats?"

Okay, perhaps it is just me and my thinking...but if I had promised you your coats back on Tuesday I would NOT have told you that I needed to wash my blankets one at a time before your coats. AND I would have taken all of the stuff to a nearby laundry mat so that I could get all the loads done at once so I'm not sitting by the machine all day...sometimes paying for a convience is worth it! AND I most certainly would not be posting about going somewhere to play even though I still haven't returned your coats!!!

Luckily we are not expecting another cold front and I do have other coats to wear. But I'm still mad that she hasn't returned my coats yet.

AND OH YES! I will be washing all the coats another time!!! ugh!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

explaining the profile pix

to lighten things up a is what my profile picture is about...

that was taken a few years ago by a friend of mine. I thought the picture went really good on this blog. hee hee as most of the stuff I'll be ranting about is where I feel beaten up. get it?

the story behind the photo...
DH, DD & I were in the backyard playing wiffleball. DH was the pitcher, I was the catcher and DD was at bat.

DD swung at the ball really hard and kept on going. The bat connected with my face, right between my eyes! And even though I was yelling at them to get me ice...they both came running to me. "Um Hello? Crouching around me with looks of concern are not helpful! Ice is helpful!"

Anyway, Ice was eventually brought to me. I was out of the game. I wonder if Ice was brought sooner if the black eye would have been prevented?

BTW: DD felt horrible! Poor kid.

the current reason I'm ranting

okay this situation has been going on for entirely too long and unfortunately there isn't a whole lot I can do about it because it has to deal with one of the members of the homeschooling group that I'm a co-leader of. I have to watch what I say or do because if I tick her off too much it could get very ugly. But apparently my very existence ticks her off. sounds like a no win situation huh?

I'm gonna be somewhat nice here and assign her a different name because I'm not totally's way more than she deserves though. I'm gonna call her Kat here.

Kat & I have known each other for quite a while and our daughters are friends. The kids get along great for the most part but occasionally they do have their squabbles. I cannot tell you how many times my daughter has complained about seems very frequent because of course the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. However, the kids always seem to work most things out on their own.

It is just that when Kat tries to get involved that all goes to hell. Kat gets all hot fired mad at me and my daughter and tries with all her might to punish us. She once tired to get me "fired" from my co-leader position with the homeschool group by sending emails to the other two co-leaders.

She has also tried to get the mothers of my daughter's other friends to not allow their kids to play with my child.* THIS IS WHAT ANGERS ME THE MOST!!!!

I don't really care that Kat can't stand me. The feelings are mutual. And while it pains my daughter, the severing of the relationship between our girls is okay with me too. There is a substantial age difference and the things the girls have in common with each other is getting less and less...I figured that the girls would eventually split on their own here soon without any help.

an example of the craziness:

Kat's daughter's birthday party.

Kat's husband managed to earn a free night at a local hotel. Kat decided to hold the birthday party at the hotel with the kids swimming in the pool and having a sleepover at the hotel. She invited a few girls, including my daughter and her best friend.

The following day she sent me and best friend's mom an email suggesting that if our girls didn't want to attend the party that would be okay and she could then invite some other kids. (namely: her twin son and one of his friends, because she hadn't bothered to plan a party for him!)

Friend's mom and I were both highly offended at this. We both wanted the girls to attend the party - HOWEVER, we were both weirded out at the thought of the sleepover being held at a hotel. Friend didn't want to sleep at the hotel as she doesn't like to. So friend's mom responded right away that friend would attend the party, but would not be sleeping over.

I decided to not tell Kat that my daughter wasn't going to sleep over. YES, this was WRONG of me. I was going to take my daughter to the party and let her know that I would be picking her up later that evening.

Of course my daughter threw a wrench into those plans when she and Kat's daughter were playing together and talking about the party. Instead of truthfully telling Kat's daughter that her stick in the mud mother wouldn't allow her to sleepover, my daughter tells Kat's daughter that she "has something better to do." *insert eye roll here!*

Kat's mother zipps me off an email asking about if my daughter is staying the night. I told her honestly that I wasn't comfortable with her staying at a hotel. To which Kat gets all hot fired mad and UNINVITES my daughter and best friend to the entire party. She said in the email that if the girls didn't want to stay for the sleepover that they could not attend the rest of the party.

okay here's where the assuming begins: best friend's mom & I think that what must have happened here is that Kat assumed that 1) We didn't trust Kat with our children for the sleepover and 2) that our girls were planning to have their own sleepover (because my child said she had something better to do.)

what was really going on was that I had promised my child something special since I wasn't going to allow her to do the sleepover (mommy guilt). Best friend and my child had no plans to see each other except for at the party.

Kat should know that I don't have any problems with my daughter being in her care as she has slept over at her house numerous times!

All that said I realize that having a pool party at a hotel pool isn't such a good idea either. There is no lifeguard and my daughter still doesn't know how to swim. And there's still the issue with the hotel probably having a problem with the situation also.

This isn't the first time Kat has "blown up" like this. I'm usually her favorite kicking post, but she's blown up at others too. The other co-leaders of the group and I keep track of it all...we're trying to CYA in case she takes it any further. There seems to be a pattern to Kat's outbursts. She blows up, tries to punish, and then acts as if nothing ever happened to your face and eventually she forgets about it.

sigh! I just wish there were some way for this all to not include me & my daughter anymore.

*no, I'm not paranoid. I actually saw the email she sent to best friend's mother.

why bother?

many of you may wonder why I bothered to start a new blog. Well the answer is simple... There were too many folks with access to my old blog that I wanted to rant about! LOL!

There are people that Ihave to deal with on a daily basis that drive me up a wall...and one of those idiots thought it would be fun to have a list of all our blogs so that everyone could read what all we were up to.

I actually got in trouble for one of my posts about a lousy field trip that we went on because what I said might be harmful to the place we went to...well DUH! That was the point!!!

Oh well.

Now I have a place to spew my rants. I expect that not everyone will want to read all of this and that's okay.

I know that my real friends know how I am (mostly sweet) but sometimes I've just gotta let it out or I'm going to explode. :D