Friday, October 16, 2009

this seems to be becoming a habbit!

today at Girl Scouts one of the parents was talking about the service project that she has decided that the girls should do and berating me pretty much because our troop hasn't done any service projects...
However, we have. We just made butterflies for the Holocaust Project. We have donated food to the food Pantry for Thanksgiving Baskets. We have done Operation Christmas Child, Birthday Boxes for kids in foster care, and every year we send girl scout cookies to the soldiers.

I think she was more annoyed that the troop hasn't done any of the projects that she wanted to do. I really don't care.

She's probably also annoyed that I'm pretty vocal in my disapproval of her kids' behavior (a direct result of her very poor parenting skills!)

I'm very annoyed by her kids' behavior and by her continuing to bring very messy things for the kids to do to the meetings. Of course most of the mess is made by her children. One meeting she decided the kids should make bird feeders and brought bird seed to fill them. the little ball kind of bird seed. ugh! as she was vacuuming up the mess her daughter starts spinning with her feeder and more bird seed goes everywhere. She tells the kid to pick up the bird seed, which the kid does for all of maybe 3 seeds and then they leave. I get to vacuume up the rest.

Today for her food from another country she brough corn chips & salsa...that her kids dumped off their plates on the floor...and oh they had to leave early so guess who got to vacuume that mess!

I realize that not everyone can be as perfect as me...and I know I'm not perfect. but can they just all stay away from me?

We had similar issues with this family when the troop went camping this summer. Not that there were messes that they didn't clean up, but just differences of opinion. I was talking with my mom about how I didn't bother to get camping training so our troop can't use any of the Girl Scout camps. I told my mom how I liked that I wasn't in charge of all the girls myself. However, I got to thinking that it might not be a bad idea. LOL! however the problem with that is that due to safety issues I would need another parent or two to come with us and alas this mom would be there. ugh!

So next troop camping trip.

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