Thursday, October 8, 2009

explaining the profile pix

to lighten things up a is what my profile picture is about...

that was taken a few years ago by a friend of mine. I thought the picture went really good on this blog. hee hee as most of the stuff I'll be ranting about is where I feel beaten up. get it?

the story behind the photo...
DH, DD & I were in the backyard playing wiffleball. DH was the pitcher, I was the catcher and DD was at bat.

DD swung at the ball really hard and kept on going. The bat connected with my face, right between my eyes! And even though I was yelling at them to get me ice...they both came running to me. "Um Hello? Crouching around me with looks of concern are not helpful! Ice is helpful!"

Anyway, Ice was eventually brought to me. I was out of the game. I wonder if Ice was brought sooner if the black eye would have been prevented?

BTW: DD felt horrible! Poor kid.


  1. When she's being a brat as she gets older you can always remind her of the time she beat you up ;) Convenient.

  2. Ooo I got hit in the head by a wiffle ball bat when I was a kid! This neighbor girl walloped me. Somehow by the time the story reached got to the her mother, she thought the girl had hit me with an aluminum bat.

  3. Do you like pink or something? :)