Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spending money you say you don't have???

and other rants...

There's this person I know who supposedly doesn't have enough money to make her budget. When negotiating to rent a house from another friend she said she couldn't afford to pay the mortgage payments on the house. She once asked my advice about her offering at Church...if she should stop giving to the church so she could afford to buy a new car. blah blah blah

I say this because she recently announced that her husband just bought a 60 inch HD flatscreen TV!!! They subscribe to the best cable package, and also recently upgraded their cell phones to iphones!

I THOUGHT you said you didn't have any money!

I'm so very sorry, but this is exactly why our country is in the mess that it's in. Folks like you spending money you don't have going into 5 digit debt so you can have a bunch of stuff you don't need. ugh!

in other ranting news...

A friend of mine recently had a visit from her SIL & family. The SIL lives in Arizona and when told to bring coats so they could go to the mountains to play in the snow...they brought fleece jackets at best. So when making plans to go play in the snow, Friend asked all of us if we could loan them more appropriate snow gear. Friend said that they would return the snow gear either the following night or the day after. Borrowed on Sunday evening, trip on should get gear back by Tuesday.

I loaned out our current coats, ski pants & boots because the sizes were the ones they needed and I was told the coats would be returned quickly.

Unfortunately things hit a HUGE snag when Monday night it turned out that some of the kids were violently ill...seems that stomach bug they had in the house last week hadn't quite worked all it's damage. Friend said the coats would now be returned after they were all laundered.

When I loaned out the coats, I told friend that I would be near her home on Tuesday and could pick them up then. So on Tuesday I called, knowing that the coats were probably NOT ready for pick up due to the Monday night snag. HOWEVER, friend reported that they were in the process of washing the blankets the kids got sick on first and that the blankets needed to be washed one at a time. Okay, that is fine.

but then I see on Friend's facebook that on Wednesday the entire clan when out somewhere. "Umm hello? who is at home washing my coats?"

Okay, perhaps it is just me and my thinking...but if I had promised you your coats back on Tuesday I would NOT have told you that I needed to wash my blankets one at a time before your coats. AND I would have taken all of the stuff to a nearby laundry mat so that I could get all the loads done at once so I'm not sitting by the machine all day...sometimes paying for a convience is worth it! AND I most certainly would not be posting about going somewhere to play even though I still haven't returned your coats!!!

Luckily we are not expecting another cold front and I do have other coats to wear. But I'm still mad that she hasn't returned my coats yet.

AND OH YES! I will be washing all the coats another time!!! ugh!


  1. I think we've grown accustomed to "luxury" items as necessities. We're very confused by what we "need" and don't. Wants have become needs, and vice versa.

    As to the coats, that's BS. You promise something like that back, when it is really a big inconvenience for you (or so she should be thinking), she should make an extra effort to get those back to you, ASAP. I wouldn't be lending her anything of mine again.

  2. The coat story reminds me of Fragile Frankie Merman and George's parents in the back of Jerry's van.

    "You gotta sell this van."

    "Oh yeah."

  3. The money thing bugs me as well. Most people just don't know how to budget money.