Thursday, October 8, 2009

why bother?

many of you may wonder why I bothered to start a new blog. Well the answer is simple... There were too many folks with access to my old blog that I wanted to rant about! LOL!

There are people that Ihave to deal with on a daily basis that drive me up a wall...and one of those idiots thought it would be fun to have a list of all our blogs so that everyone could read what all we were up to.

I actually got in trouble for one of my posts about a lousy field trip that we went on because what I said might be harmful to the place we went to...well DUH! That was the point!!!

Oh well.

Now I have a place to spew my rants. I expect that not everyone will want to read all of this and that's okay.

I know that my real friends know how I am (mostly sweet) but sometimes I've just gotta let it out or I'm going to explode. :D


  1. We're here for you babe! I actually came for the black eye, but I think I'll stick around. ;)

  2. i totally understand your reasons! moved mine for the same ones! :) have a great weekend!