Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why don't these people THINK????

Today I attended a play put on by a wonderful local group. The play (what I could see of it) was awesome!

I mention the what I could see of it because unfortunately we were seated near some families with VERY YOUNG CHILDREN. Age 4 tops.

hummm they make childrens' TV shows only 30 minutes long have very short attention spans. A story that isn't finished up in 30 min or less doesn't mean anything to them. Yet folks insist on enriching their kids by dragging them along to these plays. sigh!

So instead of the play I got to watch the kids in front of me playing with a stuffed animal that the one child felt the need to hold up high over his head and hide behind the girl in the next seat...the kids also were climbing around on their seats. I got to have the girl next to me grab both the arm rest on her chair but also the arm rest on my chair and proceed to shake both chairs! and then some child behind me decided at one point that it was time for his drum solo! Oh and I almost forgot (not sure how that happened) the one child who needed to ask in a very loud voice about just about everything in the play. "WHAT IS SHE SITTING ON? WHAT IS THAT?"

I wanted to get up and move to the seats near us that the rest of our group didn't bother to show up for...but unlike the rude kids, I didn't want to be rude by blocking the view of the folks behind us. sigh!

I've had folks argue with me on this point but I still believe that if a place offers free admission for children under a certain age it is because ... the younger kids wont get it!!! I know that the parents think it's best to take the kids while they're free because then they can afford to go...but seriously, how much time is your young child interested in it?


I guess the lesson I've learned from this is while I love going to these time I'll try to get seats away from the kids... WISH ME LUCK!

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